Dayton bartending school

The Best Training… The Best Jobs… Join the Best!

Looking for an excellent full- or part-time career? Flexible hours? An exciting way to make good money fast and have a good time too? Want a job that’s recession-proof and booming year round? Call the Dayton Bartending School Now at: 1 800 BARTEND.

Whether you're a college student looking for a GREAT SUMMER JOB, working full time and needing some extra income, or you need a break from your dead-end job, BARTENDING FILLS ALL THOSE NEEDS! Work Full Time, Part Time, or just private parties. Bartending fits every schedule, every age, every personality

  • Work in a fun environment
  • Job stability in a recession-proof industry
  • Make lots of cash $$$ working only part time. Bartending is flexible!
  • Job Assistance that works! Our graduates get great paying jobs within just a few short weeks
  • Relocating? Great! We have locations all across the country
  • Sleep till Noon?? Sure can
  • Escape your cubicle in just 2 weeks?? Yep.... Don't believe us?

MIX UP YOUR LIFE...Become a Professional Bartender

You know you've thought about it. You wouldn't have clicked otherwise, right?

You're at your favorite club. Bass is thumping, glasses in the air. Bartenders are dancing, pouring champagne, having a ball. You slurp down a delicious shooter and think, "Can I do that??"

Out to dinner with friends, waiting at the bar before dinner. A crisp, well-dressed bartender mixes the most delicious Long Island Iced Tea you've ever tasted, serves it up with a smile. Then collects your generous tip. You think, "Can I do that?"

You're at a tropical resort, swim up bar, sipping the most delightful Bahamas Mama, crafted especially for you by the bartender. "Can I do that? Like for a living?"

You can and we'll show you how. We've trained the best professional bartenders in the tri-state community for over 30 years and you can be one of them! Make $100 - $300 a night!

The Best Training… The Best Jobs… Join the Best! There's only one way to get us today at 1-800-BARTEND, direct at 1-800 BARTEND or email us and set up a campus tour today. Meet our professional staff, see a class in progress, explore our innovative classroom, and learn all about our job assistance program. (Hint: We're connected!) It takes less than an hour!